Reasons to Code- Why do you Code?

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself why you do anything? Like why do you wake up in the morning and why do you do you go that job? Or rather, why do you play online casino games? Everything that we do has a reason whether we think about the reason for doing it or not.
Speaking of reasons, since you are on site, why do you code? We have a few reasons whey we code and we are more than willing to share them with you, but we are also curious to find out why you code.

Reasons to Code

The Career Opportunities

We are moving into a world that is moving form operating in the physical and moving to operate in the virtual. This is all thanks to technology and innovation of course. As such many business can now be found online. Therefore, the more that businesses are migrating from operating in the physical to the virtual, more and more coders and programmers will vibe needed. As such, we code because, well, there is a lot to be done and the career opportunities are endless.

To Express Ourselves

Writers write so that they can share their stories and make people see the world in their own eyes, as such, coders and programmers do the same. They code and program because they are creative, and creative people always want to share their view on a matter. As a coder or programmer, you are able to make people see the world from your perspective.

Understanding Technology

Another reason why we code and program is because we are curious. It’s one thing to open a website and look for whatever you are looking for. It’s another reason to actually go in depth and see what made that website appears the way that it is. Therefore, we code because we wanted to understand technology and machines better. Instead of being on the side-lines, we wanted a more in-depth understanding if the process.

Boss-less Jobs

If you hate working under someone and following orders, then coding is the thing for you. With coding, you are able to work without a boss. Which means you are able top freelance. And the best part freelancing in coding is that the world is moving more and more into the world as such, you will never be out of jobs to do.

Improves Your Problem Solving Skills

We also code because it is one of the best ways to help improve our problem solving skills. Like playing online casinos games, there is a lot that you can get from coding. Because coding requires patience and attention to detail, you are able to use these skills in real life problems. Coding also requires a certain level of logic as well as understanding, which can also be used in solving day to day problems.
We mentioned earlier that there is a reason or rather reasons for everything. As such, these are the reasons why we code and programme as well why we love what we do. However, these are not the only reasons as there are a lot more reasons why people create code and why they program as well.