May 11th, 2008

RhysThings have been a little slow around here lately i’m afraid, but hey, it’s all been in a good cause. I’m working pretty solidly on more technical coding projects and other time consuming activities (like degrees). In the intervening month i’ve had my head buried in code; html, javascript, php, css, ruby, perl, flash, java – you name it.

But fear not bretherin, forgotten about you i have not. Above is a little update on the firefly project which is going slowly, but it’s a cool sideline and i’m having fun with it. Hopefully over the summer i’ll actually have some free time to finish it. But where are the freakin tutorials i hear you cry. Well, i’ve got a couple of ideas for when i get some time, but i’d really like to hear from you guys with what you’re interested in seeing. Any particular tutorial you really like and want to see more of? Or want me to expand on some of my 3D stuff? Or perhaps something totally different with web development. Anyway, let me know. Meanwhile, i have a couple of big projects that i plan on really getting moving in the next few months that should have a big impact for you.

In other misc filler news, i’d like to point out that the myspace page is still available here and rhys-works actually has a youtube page you can check out here. Incidently, in the interests of user input, are there any other features you’d be interested in seeing on the site, like a forum perhaps.

And for the sudden influx of visitors we’re magically having today, hi. I don’t know where you’re coming from, but wherever it is, i salute you.

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